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Strife of the Contemporary Thought by: Adnan Zaid Al-Kazmi
Reviewed by Johar Chinioty

Mr. Kazmi is a good columnist and has his own share of writing in daily newspapers as known by all interested readers in Kuwait. As a matter of fact, I was lucky to have a copy of his book, Strife of the Contemporary Thought, which compiles a great deal of articles published in various local papers. This book includes about fifty-two different articles, which deal with an important topic we can't ignore or forget. This topic handles the motion of "Rationalization". The term which imposed itself a certain time ago. In my opinion, this book is considered a proper meal for every reader interested in our factural present as Arabs, and would compensate, as I see it, any shortage of not being acquainted with the topic of the term indicated above.

In fact, I'm not trying here to review these articles included, but I'll try to convey what I felt towards those pieces of writings, which I find them so essential to talk about. Referring to all articles, we find them poured in one hole: rationalization, as I mentioned before. Long time ago, this term has no relation with our community. Only by the end of seventies, this term comes to the surface as we found it spreading here and there, all those interested in politics have their own thoughtful concern about this disastrous subject.

Mr. Kazmi was one of those who paid great interest in this issue, and upon going through all his articles and columns, you, as a reader, would be so delighted to get acquainted closely with this particular issue. You would be either influenced by some certain criteria prevailed and represented in these articles. I'm not talking here about something would change your thoughts and opinion, but about thoughtful analysis of the rationalization issue. This issue which have lots of complications. The issue, which implies a distinguished sort of, misunderstands among all people. Those people who were so happy with such present brought to them by their leaders.

No doubt, when we come across our book, Mr. Kazmi showed his high concern in the Arab-Israeli relations, and with all its ramifications. This is highly approved in his own writings, which reflected a perspective view of what he is dealing with. He is an expert in that sort of relation and you feel that easily upon going through the articles indicated. Not only does he display some aspects of the Arab-Israeli struggle, but he also analyses this struggle with all its bad negative shortcomings. In fact, Mr. Kazmi introduced a true picture of that rationalization, and this picture incited every free man to think more and more of what danger is surrounding our great nation. Mr. Kazmi encourages all Arab people to fight, not to surrender to phy allegations presented by either some Arab leaders, or by the Zionist front, which plays a vital role of poisoning our thoughts anywhere, anytime. Mr. Kazmi's writings would incite the spirit of resistance constantly among all interested readers. In fact, you couldn't feel such a thing unless you have an educated, talented writer looking for the truth all the time. Mr. Kazmi makes you feel jealous for what is happening around us, particularly in our own Arab world. He focuses on such great danger, which you would suffer its negative defects and shortcomings sooner or later, even today, all of us are suffering a great deal of it, and nobody wants to move or act seriously aiming at helping its own nation.

Mr. Kazmi is fully acquainted with the Palestinian issue since its merely beginning, and with all its developments and reflections. His political culture and acquaintance play a salient role in his writings, which dealt with the Palestinian question in particular. This helps him introduce a fruitful presentation, we can't ignore, for all issues and inquiries related to this main issue. In addition, we can't deny his great faith in our Arab cause, and you feel that undoubtedly through a sincere coverage of what is taking place inside our Arab nation.

Moreover, what I liked most in most of those writings that Mr. Kazmi adduced a lot from the Holy Quran and Hadith. This sort of technique reflects his great insight and true image of what he believes in, what he writs about and what he tries to convey to his readers everywhere. He is greatly influenced by the two main sources of our meek religion and that kind of writing boosts his message no doubt. In addition, you can feel that he loves poetry a big deal. This feature is highly represented in some of his articles in general, and in one of them in particular, namely "Nezar Arab Nation won't die". Such a fanstastic style of his would lessen the heat of the article you read, and would make you move involved and an effective participant as well.

Furthermore, let's have a glance on a piece of his writings included on Page 107 of his book. I'm trying to focus on an important fact centered on the American-Jewish play performed everyday and in any part of our world. We find that Mr. Kazmi goes deeply in the {American MineFields} article when he talks about the American-Zionist domain and influence. Mr. Kazmi comments saying: "The Arabic listener should be a bit cautious when listening to the political commentary at 'Voice of America', and tries to read what is implied through lines. Zionist dirty brains use all mass media carefully to broadcast the political commentary from 'Voice of America' to bring about a sort of shock at different doses as per a well-studied program in order to force Arabs kneel and support the Zionist micro-state. All concepts about freedom, terrorism, security, radicalism, tolerance and isolation are completely different in the American doctrine. These are pure American notions modulated by the American mind according to what it takes from history, and what the Jew modulates to deem fit with his political demand. Both are the same in thinking, but different in target".

Our columnist added a lot of his writings when he came across the 'David and Soliman Kingdom'. He focuses here on the historical element , and that solidified his message of conveying his belief no doubt. Admiring his writing is not enough, but you have to praise and hail him for his courage. This sort of courage we miss a lot in our Arab world. Confrontation is the only way of solving our own problems. We should be one unit, one spirit, on body and one mind to keep up with all political and economic changes taking place for the time being around us. We have to confront people, our leaders and ourselves.

We must have faith in our Mighty Allah. We should unite together to eliminate all aspects of corruption if we want to live in a peaceful atmosphere, not in that kind of peace imposed by Israel, our real eternal enemy, as pointed out by Allah.