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Wings and Sun by: Dr. Nejma Edris

In this book, Dr. Nejma Edris selected some utterance and selections of various stories to let the readers go through them, and to have a good idea about Kuwaiti writings. We picked three of these writings to review and sum up the main outlines included as follows:

Othman and Age Changes by: Hamad Al-Hamad

In this story we read about a writer called Othman suffering ignorance by other people and how other professions like dancers get their luck, but not him. How those people are well treated by others while professions like his are completely neglected by most people. Othman read in Shorouka Newspaper about a spacecraft expected to arrive in a certain place in a certain time. He went there where he saw a lot of people waiting. Reporters spread everywhere conducting interviews with different people who are eager to escape from their country and this is the point. They interviewed him and that satisfied him somehow. Eventually, he has been told that it is Aprils foul. In fact, the author is highly affected by poetry and by the famous late poet, Nezar Qabani, in particular. He is also affected by what people in their countries suffer doing their best to escape and live away from severe reality surrounding them.

Boxes from the Second Group by: Soliman al-Kheleefi

The author portrays Jassim, an old man only who is interested in his old items that are kept in boxes. He lives with a young man, a relative of his. The old man keeps remembering past things and how he lives with them trying to express his deeply rooted emotions. There is a sort of an interesting dialogue with his young man, but it is missing sometimes. The author indicates the contradiction between past and present, and how present events and changes affect people seriously.

Hard Time Worries by: Dr. Nejma Edris

Dr. Nejma writes here about a half-drunk man finds himself suddenly in a certain hospital. He finds himself with his wife, the pregnant one waiting for delivering her baby. While he is waiting, he remembers those days of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and how he was greatly humiliated by Iraqi soldiers. Finally he wakes up when hospital staff came telling him that his wife delivered a boy after his three girls. Astonishingly, he leaves her looking for a bottle of wine.

In conclusion, upon going through all above indicated selections, I can say that the most beautiful, according to my own viewpoint, amongst the indicated selection is the one written by Laila Al-Othman, Black Barriers. In this selection, the author succeeded to express truly what she wanted to convey. The resemblance she portrayed was magnificent and factual.

The Other Side

(A Poem about the youth and children of today
who are subjected to the present evils of the world)

The world with its thorny claw
Seeps into the minds of the young
Spreads around in a frenzied mood
Smothering them into its fold,
With evil delight, evil tantrums
To make them one of their own
with temptations, hallucinations
Its aim - to wipe out their innocence
To mould them into hypes
To instill in them
The doctrine of malice.

The future citizens who should be led
To a path of truth and goodwill
Instead led astray
By the fiery darts of the devil,
Prancing around in this world,
To capture and captivate them
With thoughts so evil, unfurled,
In their innocent minds.

Their minds strained
Blemished with sin
Addicted within
To all thats evil, to all thats base
Torn between two thoughts
The good and the bad
Should I or should I not?
Conflicting thoughts
Deep-routed in their inner hearts.

The thorny claws of the world,
seeing their weakness
Entices them, drags them
Deeper and deeper into the miry clay
Of sin and malice.
The deed has been done
The youth have fallen prey
To the web of sin

Is there hope for them?
Is there room for love for them?
We hope the light of God
Cleanses them,
Blesses them
Purifies them,
Gives them life again
To hold on to,
And to cherish.

The Beauty of Dawn

A soft light peers out of the sky
Looking at the world below with a sigh
Another day of hard work and toil
To make the morn, beautiful and bright.

The silence of the time of dawn
Envelopes the land.
The sun from its bed, attempts to stand
Stretches out its rays
In a beautiful array
Singing the song of the early morn.

The birds and bees
From its nests leave,
To start the day
With its chirping and buzzing.

What a glorious sight!
After a dark night
A sight so appealing
A sight so enchanting.

A town rises after a deep slumber
Breathing the fragrance of the dawn
Greets the morn with a smile
The beauty of the dawn
In all its splendor
Delights one and all
On this earth so wide.

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