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Ms. Laila Mohammed Saleh

Ms. Laila Mohammed Saleh is an established fiction & Story writer whose works are published in the topmost magazines in Arab sub continent. Her work are full of pathetic and sadness which turns every heart sad. A well behaved, well cultured and nice lady has got a prominence amongst writers of other foreign languages too and the Writers
Guild has showered all high praise to her work. Writer Guild proposes to deliver her one of the best Writers award.

1. She writes articles, short stories and Works in the Ministry of Information (Radio
Kuwait) as a writer and editing literary and cultural programmes.
2. Participated in lot of cultural and literary programmes, the most famous of it called
WEDNESDAY EVENING and took part in conference inside and out of Kuwait.
3. She published a book called WOMAN WRITERS IN KUWAIT in 1978. Woman
Writers in Island and Arabian Guild in 1983. It contains articles about Women Writers
in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emirates (Part I).
4. In 1987 she published a collection of short stories titled EYES INJURY. It contains
It contains articles about Women Writers in Yemen and Oman (Part II).
5. In 1994 she published a collection of short stories called Meeting In Flower Season
It contains the Iraqi Invasion, the pains and sufferings of Kuwaiti citizens, Kuwaiti
Resistance and about The Prisoners of War.

Also published a book called MEN AND WOMEN INTELLECTUALS IN KUWAIT.
Who are Writers in Kuwait.

The writing style of Mrs. Laila Mohammed Saleh is characterized by mediation, romanticism, spiritual alienation and intermingling between the physical world and the psychological atmosphere of the herione.
Her writings explore deep into the human soul and express the reality of the Kuwaiti and Gulf women through the freedoms provided by the society. These stories might demonstrate the style of symbolism through interaction with the dilemma of the reality or with the identity dilemma.

Her stories have tackled the psychological issues through correlation between the awareness of reality and absence in the dream world. Such tackling is characterized by a sentimental and autonomous current mediating the phenomena of life experience and sinks in its sufferings until the suffering becomes pleasure and the wound a new horizon looking over the reality.
Her stories demonstrate how woman stands up against sadness, ordeals, and psychological crises. Woman in all these stories adopts strong attitudes towards her emotions, sufferings and dreams even when such dreams collapse before her eyes and hopelessness encloses her from all sides. Portrait of the woman who resists griefs of alienation, throughout these stories, they further depict the unknown depths of the Kuwaiti and Arab Gulf woman.

Meeting in the Rose Season

Most stories are derived from the events of the invasion and sufferings and torments resulted from such invasion as well as the destruction of human beings as consequences of the occupation. They also include a comparison between the cruelty of the war and womans love whose husband was killed in the first day of the battle, and the state of waiting for the loves appointment which becomes a date of terror in which the beloved one was taken as a prisoner. They further depict womans bravery who takes part in the resistance in defense of her country.

Stories style is distinguished by a development of the linguistic tools and an expression of the invasions events by indirectly literary style. Most of the stories atmospheres are full of human emotions, of pains and torments and conflict with the reality of the occupation.

The Story Al-Yasmin & Guns: depicts a world of glowing love among a small family consisting of a husband, wife and his little daughter who spend their holiday, Thursday night in a beach Cabin. At the dawn they are surrounded by tanks and the country is occupied. The husband leaves his family and takes part in the battle where he is killed in the first action. The story vividly shows the quick move from the state of tranquility, peace, security, and love to the state of destruction and occupation.

The Story Night of Voting: depicts a woman who is very concern about the election result of Kuwaits National Assembly which is an important political event symbolizing the national and psychological dimensions.

The Story Diary of wounded City: depicts a woman hosted by sadness for the sake of the beautiful city (Beirut) during the period of civil war.

The Story Message & Skulls: depicts womans mentality who sees that all values and things are collapsing before her eyes falsely.

The Story Staring into Memory: depicts the platonic love of a woman during her spiritual alienation and physical illness while she was receiving treatment in the town of Exter, London.

The Story Meeting is still a promise: depicts the condition of a prisoner through a woman who dreams of meeting her beloved at the appointed date which comes like a terrible fate cutting and wounding all the dreams sails. It comes like a snake which breaks into the town on black Thursday and turns all scales upside down. Nevertheless the heroine goes to her beloved and finds him with the resistance young people. Surprisingly to all, her house is surrounded by the occupation forces so as to take her beloved as a prisoner in chains while she remains crying and waiting for the day of meeting and birthmeeting of the promised delight for the arrival of the absentees return but engagement of love is still a waiting promise.
The Story Meeting of the Rose: depicts return of the prisoner through sufferings of a woman waiting for her absent husband. She swears to avoid perfumes and ornaments till his return and when she hears the great joy of releasing some of the prisoners she takes her little daughter amid smoke and goes to Al-Surra Area where Shaikhan Al-Faris saloon which is full of fragrant yellow flowers, posters, journalists, news agencies who come to welcome the prisoners. She moves with her little daughter among men, women and elderly so as to hear the voice of joy announcing the news of arrivals, she penetrates among people and looks for him but unfortunately she does not find him, then she cries loudly and returns home frustrated walking amid smoke between Al-Surra and (Bayan Area). When she comes close to the house, she hears cries of joy behind walls where her husband is surrounded by laughs of his relatives and friends and receives corona of flowers and daisy at moments of the Rose Season. She comes close to him and passionately embraces him throwing on him roses of longing, Carnation, Jasmine and Damask rose.