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The monthly meeting of the Writers Guild was held recently at the Turkish Embassy which was sponsored by Mr. Jihad Ar-Genai, the first secretary. A good number of intellectuals, journalists, poets and writers of different countries participated. The meeting was presided over by a renowned literary personality and established poet Mr. Johar Chinioty, chairman of the Writers Guild. Mr. Salim Raza, first secretary of Bangladesh Embassy and Mrs. Pickra Gunoum born a lady of letters and master of good number of foreign languages were the chief guest and guest of Honour. The meeting was attended by Dr. Zahira Ali Hussain, a professor at Faculty of Arts, English Dept., Kuwait University, Dr. Anthony Johae, professor of English literature at Kuwait University, Professor Abdul Aziz Al-Andaleeb, a multilingual poet and author of dozen of books, Mr. & Mrs. Mcarthy (Brazil), Mrs. Pickra (German), Mr. Mohammed Hani Al-Abed, an interpreter at Egyptian Peoples Assembly. Dr. Abdullah Khalaf, President of Kuwaiti Writers Association, Ms. Fatma Mohammed Al-Ali, a famous story writer, Mr. Adel, a prominent poet, Mr. Andrews Kumar, an intellectual, Mr. Mark Roger, a computer Engineer, Mr. Ahmed Qurban, an established law master, an advocate of prominence, Mr. Satya Sarkar, an advocate, Ms. Dhariti Banerjee, English Professor of Kuwait University, Dr. Mirza Umair Beg, a scientist and story writer from KISR, Mr. Haider Behbehani, a businessman and lover of art, Mr. Mohammed Haidri, Engineer intellectual Mr. Salil, Mr. Nazi Shirazi, Mr. Ahmed Baqsmi, producer KTV 2 with TV crew (for TV coverage of the meeting).

Dr. Zahira presented in detailed review of works of the famous prominent Lebanese deceased poet Khalil Hawe, Mrs. Pickra spoke at length about the famous Iranian poet Omar Khayam, born in the year 1113 focusing on his great works "RUBAIYAT OMAR KHAYAM" she explained that this poetic form is also called DO-BEIT, two verses, sometimes Tarang - melody. The Rubai yet were most used from 10th to 13th centuries have a variant Arabic meter. The Rubai in old period revolved around BU-YANBAGHI, HANZALE and Mohammed Al-Yarrar. Khayam became famous in the western world through the superb rendition. Khayam besides a poet, was a famous mathematician who wrote treatises of Algebra as well as astronomer. He was the chief of the committee for establishing a calender formed by Malik Shah Khwaja Nizami of Samarkand. Professor Anthony Johae, first recited his cynical poem called "Shivery in the age of Chevrolet" which explicit poetic values. He further spoke at length about the romantic trend in the English poetry. He also spoke about poets i.e. Milton, Shakespeare, Workdworth, Keats, Lord Byron, Blake and Shirley.

The exhaustive information about this exhaustive information about the English poets given by Mr. Anthony was highly applauded and praised. Mr. Abdulla Khalaf, president of Kuwait Writers Association, informed the participants about his latest literary tour to Morocco with Mr. Abdul Aziz Babtain, a great business magnate and poetry lover of Kuwait. He further explained that he met the Algerian President Mr. Butafleeqa and focussed close coordination in all fields, be cultural, social and literary. Mr. Adel recited his two poems "A poet is Born" and "Untold and Unsaid". Professor Mcarthy (Brazil) also spoke at length about the importance of poetry. Dr. Mirza Omar Beg, a literary figure in Kuwait read his beautiful story "Expiry Date" which was highly praised by the attendees. The same story he revealed was reviewed by Sharjah TV. Mr. Hani from Egypt spoke about literature, culture and tourism in Egypt and focussed versification in the pivot of Arab World. Madame Fatima Al-Ali, a story writer described about conference of the model novel in Arab recently held at Qabis city, Tunisia. Wherein, she was awarded a valuable prize Madam Dhariti, an English professor of Kuwait University recited a wonderful poem with title "Welcoming the Millenium" where in she advised the people to keep themselves away from pessimism of great impact.

Miss Khairun Nisa, an English poetess expressed thanks to the poets who are "Eyes of the Society". She described Dr. Tagore the 1st Indian Noble Laureate in her two poems "Human Question". Mr. Andrew spoke at length on the topic "Copy Right" and "Privacy" which was liked and appreciated by the participants. Mr. Mohammed Al-Haidri from Iran described the human values. A great poet Professor Abdul Aziz Andaleeb who being the senior most poet in the Gulf and UAE was requested by Mr. Johar, the chairman of the Guild to narrate and recite his master piece poems, which he obliged. Mr. Johar than requested him again to oblige the house with his poem "MUWASHASHA" which he recited and translated in English. The meeting was accorded TV coverage by KTV 2 that the proceeding of the guild meeting will be telecast on 23.5.99 (Sunday) at 8:30 p.m.

Mr. Ahmed Qurban, a noted lawyer of Kuwait, announced that he will sponsor the next meeting in Hotel Sheraton or Le-Meridian in the 1st week of June, for which the house clapped for the generosity of Mr. Ahmed Qurban.

Concluding the meeting Mr. Johar, chairman of the guild thanked Mr. Jehad Er-Gani for hosting the meeting with finest arrangements.