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What is Poetry?
By Johar Chinioty
Chairman, Writers Guild

Poetry is an art that cultivates the mind of blossom in full with an aesthetic beauty for all to reveal. Poetry to me is intriguing which creates an
unveiled mystery. Poet is like being a prophet to have a vision from the soul. Many of the poems describe aspects of beauty that one finds within the environment. Poet loves to convey the words to the things that are most often felt. For a poet it is a challenge, he likes to keep poems light hoping to bring a smile to all who read them. A poetry is inspired by spiritual and mystical experiences. A poet shares the message of love, peace and joy. The poetry is a perfect tonic for the soul and it strives for perfection and to learn and imprint behind. There is a flame within our hearts that longs to be united to the beloved. The poet believes that it is possible to be too deep within oneself. The poet places another time, another person and another place. That poetry is best that captures the rhythms and beauty of life. The ultimate goal is the expression of oneself and its feeling to be shared by others. The poetry helps one to thoughts and feelings into perspective. The poet hopes that his poetry will help bring a balance in ones emotional psychological and spiritual well being. The mind is inherently susceptible and poetry is but the musical rending of the mind. Its script deciphered several others. Poetry rolls around in poets head, he possesses the unique quality to capture the emotions in atmosphere of the busy world. A poet is to introduce himself, it would be difficult to denote his characteristics by himself. The poets versatility in writing in enhanced by his careful and sensitive observations of love and goodness existing around him. What is the greatest motivation for a poets life? It is a desire for success of some art or a desire for the acceptance of love for others. I believe only one person cannot meet this most intrinsic emotional need. I feel that we are all mirror images of our own reality. Poetry places each of us in this reality portrait.