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Meeting of june 21st,2001


A meeting of the Writers Guild was arranged in the Palatial Hall of Government sponsored body at Adaliya on 21.6.2001. A good number of Authors, Academian, Dean, Professor and high ranked Writers of Arabic, Persian. The Guest of Honor Mr. Saleem Raza - 1st Secretary of Bangladesh Embassy was the Chief Guest. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Johar Chinioty - Chairman of the Guild, a distinguished Writer, Poet and Author of many books.

In the initial, as usual the Chairman introduced the new participants such as Dr. Maxine Heilledr - a distinguished researcher of evil topics (America), Dr. Mohammed Abbas, Engineer Osama A. Ghahar - Vice President of well known Arabic Institute of Art, Culture and Computer of different languages, Mr. Tauqeer - a poet from Pakistan.

The first Writer to be called was Dr. Maxine, who spoke on a very informative subject such as Censorship in Education, which was very much applauded by Madam Isha Roy and many others. The Chairman Mr. Johar advised Madam Maxine to write more about the evil in society and in other structures. The next who was requested by the Chairman to come to the dais was honorable distinguished English Poet of repute and Professor of Kuwait University Mr. Anthony Johae, who recited pieces of his recently written and published poems. East to West boosted the image of the Writers Guild. The Guild members repeatedly clapped and said "Long Live Mr. Anthony". A spiritual author with mythological knowledge Mr. Roy Thomas, described his views about last days of the "Last Journey" which is very short speed of life and was very much appreciated.

Ms. Eman Hassan - Head of HRD in Oil Company, who stole away the last meeting, again recited her two poems titled "What the Ocean has Taught me" and untitled - If I were to bind all the stars together, and weave them around your neck, they would not dim the light in your eyes nor eclipse their infinite depth. Miss Eman, who has written too much about defection, frustration in love has faced the death of her friend who breathed last in her lap.

Madam Nazi Behbehani showed her displeasure to cancel this meeting, which was to be held in her Diwania, who was pacified and assured the next meeting at her Diwania. Madam Isha Roy also obliged her house by narrating an impartial subject of Mr. Joseph Seorio, a noted journalist spoke about the year 2001 as a Woman Year.

Mr. Joseph spoke that a Women as mother, sister, wife or daughter is a great asset to the World and added that she be respected in true feelings and sense, a woman sacrifices and bears extraordinary strain to add new generation. Mr. Johar also spoke and added to the subject, which was also appreciated.

Mr. Johar, the Owner and Chairman of the Writers Guild would be leaving Kuwait for good and desired a specific meeting to be called for the bearing and business of the Guild in his absence. The date of the special meeting of the guild will be announced shortly.

Press Secretary.