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Profile:Laila Othman

Laila Othman

The second writer and author is Laila Othman who was born in 1945 and completed her studies. She began to publish in news paper in 1965 concerning literal and social cases and issues and she published her first book in 1970 and she began to write short stories effective 1976 when she published her first attempts at the local journalism at the al-watan news paper, then she published many in the Arab literal magazine and she is the first to translate her writings and works into foreign languages English, Chinese and Russian. She also had some story selections which has been translated in Yugoslavia and she has the title of inside we have another world. Her stories were translated into Russian and some of hers were translated as well into English which were published in specialized magazines in Britain and America. There is a polish researcher called Barbara Metalich, she submitted her Ph.D. in the literature of Laila Othman. Some of her stories were compared to TP works as well. She has now definite job but she dedicated herself for her literal work. She is a member of writers guild in Kuwait and she is in the board of directors since 1993 , 1994. She is member of the public union of Palestinian writers and journalist, she is a member of Kuwaiti society of journalist, she is also the member of NSC international Kuwait branch. She takes part in lots of symposium, Arab and local conferences. About her writings:

1. A woman in about in 1986

2. Departure in 1979

3. At night eyes come in 1980

4. Love is pictures in 1982

5. The woman and the cat is a novel published in 1985

6. Wasmiah gets out of the sea in 1986

7. Fatiah chooses her death and its stories selection in 1987

8. Crazy love case 1989

9. 55 love stories 1992

10. Black barriers in 1994

11. Zahara gets in the area in 1995

She has two main writings under process:

1. From the diary of better patience

2. The single death friend (novel)

Bloody Farewell from Black Barriers by: Laila Al-Othman

In this selection, Laila Al-Othman portrays a wonderful picture about a lady divorced by her husband. The husband decided to take over the house she lives in. She decides to move to Jahra taking her own children with her. She is forced to do so and there are not other solutions for her crisis. Her children object the idea of moving but she took her decision. What an awful place they moved to, and here we have a sort of resemblance between this issue and that one of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. As a matter of fact, the author displays a fully true image of what happens to most families in Kuwait and how these families reacted in different way, but, still, most of them preferred moving here and there.

Voice Remains Alive from Black Barriers by Laila Al-Othman

There is a certain voice heard by all people in town. It is a sort of a song with a special rhythm. This is heard in different situations by women in the market and by those people who gather especially after performing prayer. Children repeat the indicated song, as it becomes so popular. Suddenly, a boy and a girl find a baby wrapped in a piece of cloth and burried in the ground. All people gather to see it wondering about its identity and origin. Gossip begins everywhere and suddenly they hear the singing voice clearly. They follow the voice till they see a woman sitting in the same location they found the dead baby in. They couldnt do anything to her. Finally, the indicated woman meets her death leaving a big question mark before them.