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W R I T E R S G U I L D - KW

There are over 100 nationalities employed in different sectors - professions, trades, businesses, technical as well as non-technical in the State of Kuwait. Among these people, there exists some highly talented in literary fields such as poetry, writing and journalism.

Under the initiative and chairmanship of Mr. Johar Chinioty, an Indian citizen, the Writers Guild was formed in 1995 in co-operation with renowned Persian Poet Prof. Abdul Aziz Al Andaleeb, a high profile Kuwaiti personality, Mr. Abdus Sattar Ghazali - Executive Producer of Kuwait T.V. English News, D. M. Ratnanaye - a writer and Commercial Attaché Embassy of Sri Lanka, and others.

Mr. Chinioty is a Scholar who wrote books, 3 on collection of his poems, one on short stories and the last on Radio Play. A widely traveled man in search of knowledge, he enriched himself with different cultures, traditions and histories of the World. While in U.S.A. and Canada, he gave talks on Radio and T.V. and even conducted symposia. Originally hailing from Chiniot in present Pakistan, he fled to India during the partition of India.

Since the inception of this Guild till now, a total of 36 meetings have been held - once each month. These meetings are attended by a number of diplomats and personalities from the literary fields. At present, over 17 nationalities are represented at the Guild, namely Indian, South African, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Philippine, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Danish, Spanish, Finland, German, Poland, Brazilian, Nigerian, Zimbabwean and Iranian. The Writers Guild encompasses in its fold diplomats (who are also writers and poets) from the Embassies of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Finland, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, etc. It also accommodates in its fold prominent Kuwaiti writers and poets, Deans of University as well as PhD holders, to their credit.

Since this is a literary forum of multi-lingual poets and writers, during the regular meetings and sessions conducted, the members get lot of opportunities to know and learn the cultural, traditional, historical and many other aspects of the countries of the members hailing from different parts of the World. It is a rare opportunity for the members to acquire knowledge of such attributes of different countries through their intellectual citizens, who as residents of Kuwait, are members of the Guild.

The popularity of the Writers Guild has spread not only all over Kuwait as well as the Gulf region, and probably this may be the only Forum of such magnitude that exists in this part of the World. For this unique forum, the credit naturally go to Mr. Johar Chinioty, who is synonym with Kuwait's Writers Guild (Email: His charismatic approach and scholarly comments on the relevant subjects of the discussion and enormous knowledge of the literary figures of different eras and their works are great assets to the credibility of the Guild.

Living a retired life after serving Government of India in New Delhi, where Mr. Johar created contacts with topmost officials and politicians including the late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. He spends his leisure time with his children and grand children who are all professionally high placed and well respected. Occasionally he shuttles between Kuwait and USA/Canada and also Delhi in pursuit of his knowledge. As a member of the Guild, it is a rare opportunity to learn so many things from so many countries through so many people.

The Writers Guild, as an organization of intellectuals, charges no membership fees nor any remuneration is paid to any member for the services it renders. The entire financial obligations are undertaken exclusively by Mr. Johar; and the involvement of everyone is voluntary for the love and propagation of literature, art, poetry, culture, and history.

At present, as the Guild is increasing and multiplying in its activities and since more and more members are volunteering to join the Guild, scrutiny of membership is rightly assessed and estimated with the published/ unpublished works of the writers.

The Writers Guild contemplates to publish the works of members and also translate the works of different writers into English to promote the globalisation of literature.

In the midst of galaxy of writers, poets, intellectuals and diplomats, this writer is the only Goan member of the Writers Guild. During the several meetings, this writer has depicted cultural, traditional and historical aspects of Goa. At one of the meetings at the residence of renowned Kuwaiti business magnate, Mr. Haider Behbehani, his poetess wife Shenaz, when she learned that this writer is a Goan, in the midst of poets, writers and diplomats gathered, showered fabulous praises on Goan community by describing Goans as highly talented, educated, disciplined, moral, decent, dignified and sincere. This observation was made in view of her personal experience by meeting and mixing up with Goans in different parts of the world.

On 10th October 1998, the Chairman, Mr. Johar Chinioty celebrated the Golden Jubilee of his Wedding with a get together of high profile circle of poets, writers, top officials and diplomats who wished Mr. & Mrs. Johar "A Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary".