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Kissing died in us Mat al-Taqbeel Feena

Our matters minutes are shorthanded us,
The eclipse melts our farewell time,
Its distances suns are faded,
Sunset, choked in the sea of our age ends.

So, we held a farewell party,
where the flute cried warmly,
and its sound fell in our hearts,
Our future unity slayed us,
at the well of our love ruins.

We concluded the party as we killed our sighs,
and kissing has already died in us.

A Dim Day

A very short story in a poetical style, the place is also a little bit romantic, its the Gulf beach, where she was thinking aloud.

Here our writer tries to speak about the writers suffering of all aspects from the one hand, and to make a romantic contrast between the writers represented by herself and the actresses represented by her school friend who has left the school before the secondary stage and became an actress and very rich, huaty and at the same time very hollow. Though she met her after a long time but the actress wasnt interested to speak to her.

Dear Miss Fatima:

Dont worry those who have nothing cant give anything.
In this story there is a touch of pessimism, and this very natural when youre forsaken by a friend who is inferior to you, of course mentaly.

Coming Back From Honeymoon

This is a story about a quick trip the writer had made to Cairo where she has learnt in the university. She tells us about her deep eagerness to that city and how she spent a few days moving, with company of her female friends, from restaurants, cinemas to the beach and the Opera.
In fact, she wasnt different from any other woman. She wanted to say something but she wasnt brave enough to express what was really going inside herself. For example when she said Tomorrow Ill meet the dearest person in the world, and Ill be his own. She reminded me. The Syrian writer Gada Al-Saman who speaks frankly about her feelings. But as for our writer, she said that the dearest person is herself, depending on the great phrase Know thyself.
Some ironical hints were here and there in this story. Also, she wants to tell us about the great value of mind. In addition to that she spoke frankly about her great happiness when she was in Cairo, and how much she was afraid to lose that happiness when she moved toward the airport coming back to her country. In this chapter I can safely say to our writer that happiness is restricted to a place but to rules that control the place ..

This story was published in Al-Qbass newspaper in 1995 in Ayoun Magazine in 1995.

He and the Walking Stick

Here we have a short, symbolical story, about a man who admired a walking stick in his father in laws house and he insisted to have it in-spite of the great objection of his wife. At the end he got it, he took it home it was so attractive, so bright and so wonderful. But after a short period, there was a crack in the stick and became dark and pale. The man has forgotten many things in his life, looking for a treatment of his lovely stick, but all his serious attempts were invain.
The problem of the depressed and gloomy stick was solved by returning it back to its original and suitable place, where it regained its health and brightness.
From my point of view, this story speaks about the selfishness of the oriental man as well as his unconcieousness of the great blessing that he has already had. In a way or another it contains a hint about the womens suffering in such situations.

This story was published in Ayoon Magazine in 1995 in Al Qabass newspaper in 1995.