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Eqbal Al Gharaballi

Eqbal Al-Gharaballi

She has Ph.D. in Socio-Psychology.
She worked for Kuwait Airways and Kuwait Transportation Co.
She studied medicine for two years in the U.S. and studied law for two years as well in Cairo.
She established The Writers Forum in January 1995, which deals with lectures and poetic symposia.
The Forum has various activities with other cultural organizations in the Gulf and the Arab Country.
Dr. Eqbal has sixteen different issues varying from newspaper articles to novels. The most famous writings are memoirs of a Female Prisoner, Memoirs of a Prisoner, Mutinous Imaginations and Literature without a harbor.
She is a member of Kuwaiti Reporters Association, and a member of the International Human rights Organization, New York Branch.

Memoirs of a Female Prisoner by: Eqbal Al-Gharaballi

Going through this book, we see the author, Iqbal Al-Gharaballi portrays a factual story of a Kuwaiti family consists of father, mother and their seven children. The eldest is Bandar, 24, who is still imprisoned in Iraq since the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. She, the author wrote this factual story conveying all incidents seen by Om Bandar, the main character in this story.

In her book, the author introduced everything commencing from the dedication and the preface to the detailed lines describing the events as indicated in the chapters.

As a matter of fact, this true story represents a superb addition to all those writings which have dealt with the bad ramifications of the bitter Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. It is beyond doubt that when coming across this story, you feel all sufferance and grief Kuwaiti people have experienced during such unforgettable disaster. All readers would interact positively when going through this outstanding book and they would leave no chance till they make use of it grasping and understanding all details included.

Our author, Eqbal al-Gharaballi, has done her best indeed to portray a true picture of what has been narrated by Om Bandar. You feel as if she is the one who has experienced this by herself. Even sometimes you forget everything about the narration process as you have already indulged in deep facts and incidents carefully represented by the author herself. One of the best aspects which helped to keep all readers interacted is Bandar as he was represented by a true symbol of the Kuwaiti resistance in order to embody courage and bravery during the Iraqi invasion. Iqbal succeeded to keep readers alerted awaiting to get any news about this poor hero and how his mother really suffered when losing him.

Through the story itself, Eqbal Al-Gharaballi divided her book into twenty two chapters, each has a title you can not ignore that she dedicated a certain date for each chapter as its own title. This technique has been used frequently by many writers as a matter of fact, but here the issue is different. Since the story deals with the Iraqi invasion and there is something relates to certain incidents we are going to get through, it was necessary for Eqbal Al-Gharaballi to point out how these dates are so vital and important. She asked the readers at the merely beginning not to neglect any minor fact about what she is going to write about. She was also so clever to draw the readers attention through every chapter they are going to read and pay more attention as well on what is coming up. No doubt, she succeeded, through this remarkable technique, to attract the readers incentives and get them ready for all contents and main events she is going to display.

Furthermore, Eqbal Al-Gharaballi has made use if her style a lot and all readers can see that upon going through this wonderful piece of writing. Her style is unique as it is so descriptive particularly when she wrote about the dirty ugly prison as described by Om Bandar. She succeeded indeed to convey and portray a sort of true reflection of what all prisoners suffered when they were there. She succeeded to draw a tangible picture and an embodied one of all minor and major factors reflected in the prison. She succeeded to get the readers live with her in that catastrophe and, no doubt, succeeded as well to let the readers think sometimes how to get rid out of such trouble. She succeeded, through Om Bandar of course, to gain all sympathy she wants from the readers, and I think she also succeeded to keep the readers holding their breath many times and be eager all the time to find out what the next move will be and what Om Bandar would do to overcome all troubles she encounters. In addition, her style is fluent and help all types of readers to acquire and grasp and this is done through well-talented writing we can not ignore at all. This style is not only confined to a certain number of readers while others are neglected, but it is available for all types and all sorts of interested readers. You also feel that all sentiments and emotions portrayed in this piece of writing are true ones and Eqbal Al- Gharaballi has not exerted too much effort in conveying this since she wrote and displayed the reality without any false statements. Eqbal Al- Gharabally succeeded in writing about all sorts of destruction, looting and sabotage carried out by the flagrant Iraqi forces. No doubt that you can feel the bitterness in each word described and how Kuwaiti people are awarded from Iraq after such help Kuwait has provided all the time through an ironic style actually. In my own point of view, one of the salient factors which led to that tangible success achieved by Eqbal Al- Gharaballi is her simplified smooth style which created that attractive atmosphere surrounding all readers.

Moreover, one of the most successful elements which help reinforce the simplicity and truthfulness of this particular writing is the authors adherence to quoting from the Holy Quran and Hadith. In various chapters, we can see the author, in a way of solidifying her own words, gives many examples from the Holy Quran and Sunna and that, no doubt, created an atmosphere of credibility for all readers. That helped to get them feel sympathetic and the real emotions the author wanted them to feel. She did so in a sincere method and no one can deny that both sources are true, sincere and faithful. No doubt, the author succeeded to touch the readers hearts from the bottom and let them leve side by side to the victim, Om Bandar.

On the other hand, I appreciate the authors words when talking about help and assistance provided by other allied countries which helped Kuwait in its crisis, but I would rather prefer to highlight the role played by all countries especially the Arab ones and not focus only on the United States. I wanted, as a matter of fact, to point out such fact because Eqbal Al-Gharaballi did not only want to portray and display a personal experience, but to show the experience of a whole nation suffered a lot and that was beautifully illustrated and clarified through a true picture represented by Om Bandar.

In addition, what I like most in this piece of writing that it ignores symbols and let all readers think freely without any sort of symbolism because this story is considered a plain straight one conveying factual incidents and inviting readers to take part and enjoy reading.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate to recommend having this particular book for any interested reader willing to spend a wonderful night in reading something fruitful full of faithful emotions and to keep himself away from the daily troubles.

A Drunks Ray

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