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Poetry by Eman Hassan




If I were to bind all the stars together
and weave them 'round your neck
they would not dim the light in your eyes
nor eclipse their infinite depth

Were I to condense the universe
and from the palm of my hand suspend
I would discard that paltry bauble
for want of your soul's gem

If sound be faster than matter
this, then, moves beyond will
if light be faster than sound,
this travels more rapid still

What are these Words, these little words,
these bits of lava and ash
Volcanoes simmer and boil below
as above letters randomly dash

'Tis a breeze that moves yonder branches
into living, whispery dance
This internal gale gusts, manifesting,
stirring puppets out of mundane trance.

This wind moves across the ocean
causing it to sigh and gently role
diving from the Sole of my Heart,
and into the Heart of my Soul.

Speak not to me of trappings of the mind,
of Ego, or wounded pride to soothe
the wind that travels beyond desire
is content to only move

After all the cycles I have traveled,
journey of minutes and miles and plays,
as soul expands, discards, and contracts,
it is only This that stays.

My Dearest, dearest of them all,
This does not suffer earthly defeat, or death
Whether these little words are reflected in yours
They must flow beyond the breath

What the Ocean Has Taught Me

As waves come crashing against the surf,

So are they sucked into the sea
Even as they consistently clash unto sand
So in the hissing back of foam into water
everything that comes will go
Just as everything that leaves must return

Motion of the universe is cyclical, coming and going,
Waves folding back then followed by another
Nothing can truly be lost or destroyed
Each high tide is followed by a low
And if waves can rhythmically fan through liquid
They will also race thundering to swallow civilizations.

Every frosted peak is a build up that rises
To soar and crash
In repetitive little demises
Only to be pulled back and reborn-behold:

Even as memories are made in the living moment
So must they pass on
That they might come upon you once more
As droplets of souls swim across your currents
Water also mingles and then merges away
And as everything that must come into this earth
So must it depart into bliss to be born again.

This is what the ocean has taught me.