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Dr. Soad Al Sabah

Dr. Soad Al-Sabah

She was born in 1942 and in 1981 she got her Ph.D in economics and political sciences from Sirigalford University, UK. As a matter of fact she is the first Kuwaiti to get her Ph.D in Ecomics in English which has been translated into Arabic. Her main course is the Arab science and concern about human rights and opinion freedom and how to defend the women in a way of taking part in the foundation of life and future. She is a member of the Arab Cartor establishment in London. She is also a member of Dominist and the credit of the Kuwaiti graduate and journalist setting, Writers Guild and Kuwaiti economist society. She is a member of the executive committee of global university of Muslim women of Southeast Asia. She is the founder member of the Arab council of the children of childhood and development in Cairo. she is a member of American Kuwaiti friendship union in Kuwait and she is a honorary chief of the scientific creativity center in Bahrain. She took part in the most conferences in respect of women and childhood. She was awarded the following prizes:

1. Prize of Sheikh Abdulla Mubarak Sabah for scientific creativity;
2. Soad Al- Sabah prize for intellectual creativity;
3. Certain prize for the youth of occupied lense.

She also established Soad Al-Sabah house for publishing and distribution in Kuwait in Cairo to encourage creativity among Kuwaiti intellectuals and well talented people. About her economic writings:

1. She wrote about planning and development of Kuwaiti Economy and the Women Ruled, it was published in English in 1983.

2. About Kuwait and some highlights about the Kuwaiti economy, it was published in 1985 and the second addition in 1989.

3. Opic between the past explosions and future prospects , it was published in 1986 and the second addition in 1989.

4. The new oil market,

5. The resources crisis in the Arab world.

6. The gulf women and their contribution to manpower.

She also published a lots of literal political economic articles and many poems in the local and Arab News Papers in the Arab World and out as well. Concerning her poems of d poems the first one was issued in 1964 and no. 2 was wish in 1971 in Cairo and the second edition in Kuwait in 1989 and Cairo 1992. Number three was For You Son in 1982 in Cairo, no. 4 was about Woman Tribals in 1986, no. 5 at the beginning was about Female in 1988 London and Cairo 1992. No. 6 is the dialogue of flowers and guns in 1989 London. no. 7 urgent messages to my nation in 1990 Cairo and 1992 Kuwait. No. 8 would you let me love my country and this is the selection of articles in 1990 Cairo and the second addition 1992 Cairo. No. 9 the lost of souls in 1991. No. 10 love tombs in 1992 . No. 11 women without any cost in 1994 and no. 12 was the gulf falcon Abdulla Mubarak Al-Sabah. it was issued in 1995. In addition many writers about writings like Saed Farhad, and Dablal Khirbeek and dr. Mohamed Tumji from Syria, Dr. Nabil Rana from Egypt, Fadhel Khalaf from Kuwait, Dr. Azil Malek, Dr. Asma Al-Sadawi and in French as well liberal Asia and Dr. Osman wrote about her writings in French as well and her developers were translated as well into English, French, Chinese and Persian.