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A Multilingual Organization of Poets/Writers/Journalists

P.O.BOX # 5914, Salmiya 22070, Kuwait.

  Phone: 572-2536, Fax: 572-2536, Cell: 954-2191



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The annual meeting of the Writers Guild, a multilingual and multinational organization of Academians / Writers/ journalists of Kuwait, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, America, Germany, Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Malaysia will be held on 09/01/2003 at 6 PM at auditorium of Kuwait Writer Association  (Government sponsored body)  Shara Ihad, Building No. 4 opposite Car Parking of Adaliya Stadium.


Few of the prominent attendees and speakers and men of letters, high profile intellectuals,

Academians and diplomats such as, Mr. Abdulla Khalaf, Mr. Haider Behbehani , Mr. R. Dayal (Principal Indian Public School) Mrs. Mehmood (Director Kuwait English School), Dr. Laila Maleh (Syria), Mrs. Pyali, Ms. Hassan Iman, Mr. Ahmed Qurban (Lawyer) Mr. Ullyses, Mr. Roy Thomas, Mr. Ahmad Baqsami (producer KTV 2), Madam Alisan Price, Mr. Joseph Seario, Madam Isha Roy, Prof. Abdul Aziz Andaleeb, Dr. Laila Asbhan, Dr. Alia Shoaib, Dr. Maxine (America), Mr. Roy Thomas, Azia Daizi, Madam Lamara, Mr. Hani (Egypt) Madam Handerson Irene, Dr. Omar Beg, Mrs. Kheroon Nisa. Dr. Anthony Joe (UK) , Dr. Bruce Mary (Australia)


Madam Alisia Councilor Spain Embassy will be the Chief Guest, whereas other diplomats Mr. Kark Walcot  Councilor American Embassy, Mr.Rattanlal Indian Embassy, Ali Mattar, Philippine Embassy, Mr. Sodhi, Indian Embassy, Mr. Robert Councilor (Canada), Mr. Zamani (Malaysia), Mr. Hassan Basri (Indonesia), Mr. Salim Raza 1st secretary Bangladesh, Mr. Surge (Russian Embassy), Mr. Kevin-Cultural Secretary (American Embassy) and Mr. Yakub 1st Secretary (Niger Embassy) will be guests of honor.


New membership for Journalists, Writers, Poets, Novelists, Interpreters, Translators, Secretaries of English, Arabic, Urdu, Persian is open and the contenders may write to Johar Chinioty Chairman at email address or phone no. 5722536, mobile 9542191.  The members are requested to kindly view the four websites of the Writers Guild detailed as under:

  4. asianvoice (weekly).


The members are requested to kindly forward us their comments on the four websites to enable us to consolidate the offerings.

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